Are you a new Karate student or a student that started training later in life who struggles with your kicks? Have you tried everything from stretching, weight lifting routines, new fitness trends with painful movements that promise results but your are not seeing any improvement in your kicks?

We see great kickers, people like our instructors and world class Karate competitors, who we want to kick like but no matter how hard we train or how many questions we ask, we cannot kick like them. Why is this?

Finding the answers to these questions is something that I have been searching for since 2004. I started learning Karate at 38 and my kicks were only threatening to peoples ankles or garden gnomes. I tried everything to improve my kicks including all types of stretching movements, lifting weights, body-weight workouts, Yoga, Tai Chi, chiropractic adjustments, deep tissue massage and studying many books and DVD’s related to mobility. Even though many of those things helped, I still struggled until about a year ago.

Don’t give up, you can improve your kicks too.

Finally, after all these years and at the point of giving up, I found some ways to help improve my kicks. My kicks didn’t improve overnight but after much trial and error, I stumbled upon a few things that made my kicks better then ever before. I would like to share those things with you with hopes that you will have the same or better results than I have had.

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